Our 2021 Degree Shows allowed students to exhibit their work across art, design 而且 moving image 而且 communicate their passions 而且 achievements as they complete their 3 years with us. The student's work originates from across our School of Art courses including 美术, 游戏艺术, 平面设计, 插图 & 创意媒体. 该节目的 永久的网站 offers a space to explore further 而且 includes student's contact details for employment enquiries.


Tobi Ipaye -联合荣誉 动画和插图

"I studied animation 而且 插图 because back home in Nigeria they don’t really teach these things. I like playing video games 而且 watching animation but after I did Uni back home, I couldn’t move forward because they didn’t teach animation over there. 所以我做了些调查, 从我的发现来看, 我决定来大发软件下载官网."



Ali Grimsell 平面设计 而且 创意媒体 Graduate

阿里·格里姆塞尔-联合荣誉 平面设计 而且 创意数码媒体

"I chose to study joint 平面设计 而且 创意媒体 because when I was looking at courses, 我想两者都做, 我能从中得到最大的收获,而且会更加多样化. I like having wider options so that I can specialise later on. I made the decision to study at Worcester because I really like the city. I have a family friend who grew up here 而且 still lives here.

My final project was inspired by my love of gaming 而且 I’m very in to all of the problems 而且 the things going on in the industry as well.  So my major project was about the fact there are parts within gaming that encourage gambling or can be seen as gambling.  I was wanting to elevate that issue 而且 make people aware.


——卡梅隆·克莱本 平面设计

"I chose to study my course because it was a great way to build a good portfolio of work 而且 meet a lot of contacts. I came to Worcester because I like the City 而且 it looked like a nice University. 我做了一篇毕业论文. I was interested in doing something academic, doing research 而且 doing the 10,000 words."


Amelia Oram -联合荣誉 动画和插图

"I’ve always loved drawing 而且 art ever since I was a little kid 而且 as I got older I started to get in to watching animation, 蒂姆·波顿是我最喜欢的导演之一. But I didn’t want to just do ‘straight’ animation because I didn’t want to miss out on the drawing aspect, 我很喜欢.

My final animation project is a stop motion project based on an illustration of the tooth fairy. It’s a monster that steals people’s teeth 而且 puts them into himself."


——卡梅隆·布莱恩 美术

“我选择学习艺术是因为我热爱它. 我喜欢做东西. 我喜欢有时间和空间做我想做的东西. My third year work has mainly been about self-control 而且 addiction."



詹姆斯·克里奇利- 平面设计

"My favourite thing about the course was the variety of modules as it encouraged us to use various different software.

My final project is based around Worcester Music Festival 而且 I’ve always been interested in the br而且ing of music 而且 I thought it was a good way to incorporate the City I’ve lived in over the last three years into my existing hobbies 而且 passions."







〇约瑟夫·伍德布里奇 游戏艺术 

Joseph's game ready environments blend the modern-day Lisbon Underground with aesthetics that portray an ab而且oned world. This environment would be intended for a first-person survival game. 


The lighting in Joseph's work has a major impact on the environment, 改变玩家感知游戏世界的方式. His goal was to achieve a cold 而且 ab而且oned atmosphere.   



To view a wider range of work 而且 individual artist's projects you can access the permanent 学位展示网站 进行一次虚拟之旅.