Keeping yourself safe 和 well is important to ensure you get the most out of your time working 和 studying at the University. Student life is all about getting the right balance between studying 和 enjoying yourself.

To experience living with a group of people you don't know can be quite a shock. Remember that both your physical 和 mental wellbeing matter; they are inextricably linked.

There are various factors that contribute to your staying well whilst working of studying at the University or Worcester:  



通过确保多样化的饮食来保持健康的体重是很重要的, 营养饮食和参加体育锻炼. This way you are at a lower risk of heart disease, stroke 和 type 2 diabetes. 使用 体重指数计算器 来检查你的体重是否健康. 你还应该每天喝6-8杯水.


基本的卫生将帮助你避免可避免的胃部不适. Remember to wash your h和s properly with soap 和 hot water before every meal or snack 和 after visiting the bathroom. 有关厨房基本食物卫生的建议,请浏览 食品卫生的文档.

当你在这里的时候,记得去注册一个全科医生和牙医. 下载这些本地列表 全科医生当地的牙医.

Colds 和 flu spread very easily 和 remember to cover your nose 和 mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, 并鼓励游客和亲戚也这样做. Throw away used tissues as soon as possible 和 use a h和 sanitiser gel when you’re out 和 about.

如果你的一个朋友或室友感觉不舒服, don’t forget to check every now 和 then on how they are so they don’t feel isolated. 联系 NHS Direct on 111 for information or advice about everyday health concerns. Talking your symptoms through with a health professional can be very reassuring.

如果你认为你或你的朋友有 脑膜炎 立即就医是很重要的. 症状可能包括头痛, 脖子僵硬, 讨厌强光, 发热, 呕吐或腹泻, 手脚冰凉, 混乱/嗜睡. 你也可以尝试“玻璃测试”. 用玻璃杯压一下皮疹就会消失. If in doubt, contact NHS Direct 和 they will advise if you need to call an ambulance.

流行性腮腺炎 is very contagious so please don’t go to classes 和 let 学生 Services at First Point know if you have been diagnosed. 如果你有头痛等症状, 关节疼痛, 感到恶心, 口干, 轻微的腹痛, 感觉累了, 食欲不振,体温38°C (100.4°F)或以上,请致电111直接咨询NHS信息和建议. 


STI’s can affect anyone; young or old. 如果你在性方面很活跃,一定要采取预防措施. The 学生会 runs a free, confidential condom delivery service. 如需免费避孕套,请发送信息至07804 055501. 你也可以访问大学性健康诊所, which takes place in Woodbury 78 Mondays at 12:00-14:30 (term time only). 想了解更多关于该诊所的信息,请拨打01905 681639. 


The Welfare 和 Financial Advice Service offers advice on a range of topics, 包括学生贷款和助学金, 助学金, 信托基金及慈善机构, 福利待遇, 债务管理, 税收抵免和一般财务查询. Our advisers can help you with budgeting 和 making sure that you are accessing all sources of funding available to you. 联系他们 moneyadvice@worc.ac.uk


人们会对很多东西上瘾:像烟草这样的物质, 毒品和酒精, 或者是一种类似赌博的行为, 性, 上网, 锻炼或入店行窃.

Being addicted means having a craving for something 和 counselling can be useful to help people to look at the underlying difficult feelings. 访问大学辅导小组网页,了解更多信息.


Health risks associated with smoking include an increased risk of cancer, 心脏或肺部疾病, 对呼吸和健康有负面影响, decreased fertility levels 和 an increased risk of circulatory problems.  

吸烟也很贵, it smells 和 stains your skin 和 teeth 和 you have to st和 outside in the designated smoking area (please see the smoking areas on the 圣约翰大学, 城市的校园). Although the effects of E-cigarettes are not known, they may help you to stop smoking.

If you want help to give up, try to spend more time with friends who don’t smoke. Avoid cravings by eating an apple, chewing some gum or doing something active. 你也可以列出你想要戒烟的原因. 或者,尝试尼古丁替代疗法. You can buy this over the counter or get it for free through local smoking cessation services or your GP.

20分钟 你的血压和脉搏恢复正常. 24小时 -一氧化碳从你的身体排出. 48小时 -你的身体里没有尼古丁了. 后 3天 -你的呼吸变得更容易,能量水平增加. In 到12周 -你的血液循环会改善,锻炼会更容易.

如需进一步的帮助和建议,请访问 NHS戒烟  网页或下载 关于在哪里可以得到帮助戒烟的进一步信息 


A caution from the Police for a drug incident means you will have a criminal record which could affect you staying on your course, 或者在未来找工作. 常用的药物包括大麻, 狂喜, 致幻剂和安非他明,记住, 你在提供毒品,即使你是免费送人.

如果您希望就任何与药物滥用有关的问题寻求建议, 请与学生谘询处联络. 关于免费的药物机密信息:找弗兰克, www.talktofrank.com 0800 776600 


We are working towards making the work environment healthier by making all our campuses smoke free, 除了圣约翰校园内指定的吸烟区.

Please do not smoke tobacco when you are walking onto or around campus, 或者在去指定吸烟区的路上. 吸烟的 店内禁止携带电子烟 在大学大楼或校园入口处.

If you want to report smoking on campus away from the designated area, please send an email to wellbeing@worc.ac.uk. Try to include details of which campus, location, day of week 和 approximate time seen.

NB We are not seeking the names of individuals 和 all information submitted is in confidence. 大发软件下载不打算发送后续邮件. 


Worcester is a relatively safe city but as with any city, you should be aware of your surroundings. It is important to avoid walking home alone or through unsafe/unlit areas.  If you go out in a group, return in a group 和 never get into an unmarked or unlicensed taxi. Look after your belongings 和 be aware that walking whilst on the phone or listening to a MP3 player can make you vulnerable. 如果你感到警惕,紧张或不舒服,那么不要忽视它. 类似的, you should never feel coerced or pressurised into doing something that you don’t want to; whether it be 性, 酒精, 毒品和犯罪. 如果你是犯罪的受害者,一定要向警方报告.


If you ride a bike whilst working or studying at 大发软件下载官网 you must follow the rules laid down in the Highway Code. 这包括遵守交通信号灯和标志, only cycling on the pavement when it is permitted 和 not riding in a dangerous or inconsiderate manner. Always remember to wear clothing that enables other road users to see you 和 use front 和 rear lights at night. 戴头盔也同样重要. 

The University offers staff 和 students the opportunity to participate in the 自行车加载计划.  也有一些设施上 圣约翰斯, 城市河畔 校园为骑车人提供住宿.  

如需更多个人安全方面的帮助和建议,请访问 学生服务页面.