访问哲学硕士或博士学生将能够与大发软件下载一起度过最多12个月,利用大发软件下载优秀的学术和图书馆设施, as well as receiving supervision from our experienced members of staff.


To apply for a place, please ensure that you provide us with the following information:

  • 研究或项目建议书/大纲,包括为什么想要花时间在大发软件下载官网(最多1000字)
  • 护照复印件
  • 英语语言能力证书
  • 你现在的简历
  • Evidence of your registration as a current MPhil/PhD student at an overseas institution

请将您的申请提交到 research@worc.ac.uk.

收到申请后, 大发软件下载将确认收到,然后将你的材料转交给相关的招生导师,他会仔细评估你的申请. We will contact you with any questions which we may have 和 may ask you for an interview, 是通过电话还是SKYPE进行.


大发软件下载强烈建议您在9月/ 10月或1月/ 2月计划访问,与大发软件下载的学期开始时间一致. However, we can be flexible with the starting time if you have specific needs.

请注意,大学不保证为国际访问哲学硕士/博士学生提供住宿, 和 you may need to make your own arrangements for accommodation for your time in the UK.


There will be a small monthly fee to cover the cost of supervision 和 access to our resources. 如果你想学习一个模块,例如语言模块,这将会产生额外的费用. For information about current fees please contact research@worc.ac.uk.


如果您有任何进一步的问题,请不要犹豫与大发软件下载联系,以获得进一步的信息 research@worc.ac.uk.



和ers-moller-jensen来访的Ph值.D. student at the Association for Dementia Studies, 大发软件下载官网

In Denmark, post-grad students are encouraged to go abroad as part of their study. The purpose is to gain knowledge that is not accessible in Denmark, 拓宽学生的专业网络,了解其他国家的研究生教育. 

与我的研究有关, 联系道恩·布鲁克教授,询问是否可以在痴呆研究协会呆上3个月,这是一个显而易见的选择. 答复迅速而热烈, 从第一次接触开始,道恩就确保我被介绍给她组织的相关人员,以方便我去伍斯特的准备工作.

招收访问博士.D. 学生和团队介绍都准备得很充分,所以从一开始我就感觉像在家里一样. 就时间而言, 我的访问始于9月份, so there was a lot of team meetings that I was invited to participate in. 这让我对它们的工作方式有了不可思议的了解,也让我了解了在我逗留期间可以接触到的知识. 因此,建议尽早与学校就您访问的最佳时机进行对话.

 在逗留期间,可能会参与一些项目,这是明智的,因为你自己的博士.D. 计划允许. Also, do not hold back on sharing your view 和 knowledge with your colleagues. 尽可能多地记住你在拜访他们时学到的东西——他们也会从将新的想法带入他们的工作生活中获益.

在伍斯特的生活方面,大学安排我住在巴灵顿楼是很有帮助的. 在那里,你将有机会见到其他访问伍斯特的研究生,并与他们交往. This gives some interesting insight into other research fields, which always helps to develop your knowledge about science. 伍斯特本身就是一个美丽的英国城市,有大量的购物和餐馆可供选择.  从伯明翰国际机场乘火车去伍斯特很容易,如果你有机会在这里参观这个国家的其他地方,从伦敦到伍斯特只需要3小时.

It is with no doubt in my mind that I encourage others to visit 大发软件下载官网. 你在这里的时候, remember to think of yourself more as a colleague then a guest, 你会得到一辈子的朋友.


francesca-serraI am a PhD student from the University of Padua, Italy.

My field of research concerns the assessment of mood disorders. My university gave me this fantastic opportunity to spend a period of study abroad.

我花了一段时间来选择合适的地方进行冒险,因为我想确保我做出了正确的决定. 在国外工作和学习并不总是像你想象的那样:期望无法实现, 这种经历可能会令人失望, 大多数时候, 离开家是很困难的, especially if you are not satisfied with the work you are doing.

我选择了大发软件下载官网, 和 in particular Professor Lisa Jones (Prof of Psychological Medicine), 因为她的研究小组在情绪障碍方面的工作似乎是双相情感障碍各个研究领域中最有趣和最完整的. 还有一个原因让我选择了丽莎:在我到达之前,大发软件下载通过电子邮件交流,她表现出了友好和承诺.

当我到达伍斯特的时候,我既兴奋又害怕,因为我不知道从这次经历中会期待什么. 我将, 因此, 感谢大发软件下载官网组织的热情欢迎(开学第一天,一位可爱的学生帮我安顿好了住宿和校园). The beautiful surroundings contributed to changing my mood during those stressful days. I refer to this green campus I’m staying in: the trees, 草, 到处都是动物和大自然的气息! 我在巴灵顿楼(大发软件下载官网所有)预订了非常好的住宿。. 我将 like to thank my flatmates of Barrington House, especially 安德斯 Moeller Jensen (another visiting PhD student, from Denmark) for becoming a friend to whom I could confide 和 have fun with every day!

最重要的是要感谢情绪障碍研究小组,是他们让我从第一天起就有家的感觉,是他们让我在工作之外成为了可爱的人, for trusting me 和 making me feel like a good fit in the team. I am grateful to be investigating agitated depression in a big sample of bipolar disorder, 以及与更年期相关的情绪障碍. Thanks to Prof Lisa Jones for being such a strong 和 capable guide for me in the work as well in the life; Dr Kath Gordon-Smith for her unique 和 daily patience 和 sweetness; Amy Perry 和 Sarah Knott for their smile 和 friendship; Lizzie Ludlow for her kindness.

我已经来这里三个月了, 和 I can certainly say that I could have not made a better choice. 在研究过程中,我发现自己周围都是有能力、受人尊敬的人,同时我也谦虚、敏感地欣赏和倾听我的想法. I believe this experience is really important to my professional 和 personal growth, 和 I think I still have much to learn from the Worcester group of mood disorders researchers.

伍斯特是一个小而友好的城市. There is much green space, 和 the river 和 bridges are beautiful. There are good shops, good English pubs 和 I even found a good Italian restaurant.  There are many differences to Italian cities, especially all the different sports.

这就是我在伍斯特的经历,每天都在更新,也更加丰富,这种经历将持续到明年2月! 我只是想给那些可能走这条路的人一个建议:选择正确的地方,带着自信的态度去做.